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Article - Thoughtful Learning
10 Reasons to Try Project-Based Learning

4-5 Grade Schedule for 2013/14

FAQ Info Sheet
This FAQ answers questions about the school day, recess, curriculum and services for our 4-5 grade project based school!

Teach the Future, Foster Innovation
Education Week Article

Kentucky School District Wants Project Based Learning to Outshine Testing
PBS Newshour,
April 3, 2013

Project Based Learning

Multiage Learning Network
Video Library - "Start Here" and "Sidenotes" Videos

Topics addressed in the "Start Here" Videos include: overview, benefits, differentiation and grouping, curriculum and lesson planning, assessment, team teaching, and wrap up. "Start Here" videos are longer and more in-depth.

Topics addressed in the "Sidenotes" Videos include: differentiation and grouping, curriculum and lesson planning, assessment, team teaching and personal perspectives. "Sidenotes" videos briefly highly a specific aspect of multiage.

Article & YouTube Video Clip
Three Starting Points for Thinking Differently About Learning
by Will Richardson
The Learning Network, October 25, 2012

A Split Screen Strategy
Creating the Capacity for Teachers to Innovate

Education Evolving

The Challenge of Assessing Project-Based Learning
On the heels of Common Core State Standards, administrators begin assessing critical thinking and content mastery.
by Suzie Boss
District Administration, October 2012

Core Strategy: Project-Based Learning
Why Teach with Project-Based Learning?

BIE (Buck Institute for Education)
Project Based Learning for the 21st Century

PBL in the Elementary Grades, Download the Introduction
Contains down-to-earth classroom-tested advice, sample projects, step-by-step guidance, tips and planning tools