Sub Permit Process

Are you interested in Subbing in our District? Do you have a bachelor’s degree?
If yes, please review the process outlined below to obtain your Substitute Teacher Permit:

  1. Obtain and submit a letter of recommendation from a member of our staff or a community member of the School District of Altoona. The letter of recommendation should indicate that it is a recommendation for the school district to sponsor your permit.

  2. Fill out a background check form.

  3. Submit your letter and background check form to Joyce Orth, District Office, 1903 Bartlett Avenue, Altoona WI 54720, or by email. (Please note: We do not recommend that you send your background check by email due to the personal information that is needed.)

  4. You will be contacted to arrange an interview with Dr. Biedron, Superintendent once your background check has been completed.

  5. You will need to make arrangements to observe a class (half-day) in one of the schools, and meet with the principal of that school.

  6. If you are selected for sponsorship, form PI-1622-Sub will be signed for you. The form may or may not be signed for you prior to your class observation and meeting with the principal.

  7. Submit your application, documents (PI-1622-Sub and transcripts documenting your bachelor’s degree) and application fee ($125) to the DPI.

    See ELO (Educator Licensing Online) Application Tips:


Once you have your permit, follow the application process (Steps 1 and 2) for Teacher Subs.