Musical Report Requirements

Using your outline as a guide:

  • List the songs and who sang them.


  • List the characters and give a brief description of their role in this musical.


  • Summarize the story and give background information on the show and its role in American musical history. 
    • Answer the following questions:
    • Who is the composer of the music?      
    • What is the musical style?
    • Who is the lyricist?  i.e. the one who wrote the words to the songs
    • Where does the show takes place?
    • What awards did it win?
    • Include some background on the making of the show (see web-site)
    • What are the names of the actors in the musical?
    • What time in history did the show/story take place? **if the story was true, include some history relating to the story.
    • What are some other points of interest that you discovered in your research?


Web-sites (There are more but you might use these to get started)

Westside Story


The Music Man


The Sound of Music







This is due after completion of the musical in class.