Altoona Intermediate School, Grades 4-5

A.I.S. An Innovative School

1903 Bartlett Avenue, Altoona, WI 54720
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Andrea Steffen, Principal
Ms. Steffen's Welcome Back Letter

AIS is a multi-age, innovative, and progressive learning community in which all students engage in a rigorous curriculum and are held to high academic expectations. All students are provided an encouraging, safe and supportive learning environment and each child’s social and emotional growth is nurtured to prepare students for their future.

OUR COMMITMENTS: We Live It, We Breathe It, We Do It…

  • We commit to creating a partnership with our students, families and community members.
  • Excellence isn’t a destination because excellence continues to shift.  Our world is changing and shifting. We commit to being a culture of continuous improvement and growth mindset.  Students and staff in our school are a collaborative community of learners.
  • We commit to providing student-centered, flexible, personalized learning for all students and to become innovators in public education in order to prepare each student for a rapidly changing future.
  • We commit to designing and delivering a guaranteed and viable curriculum that enhances student ownership in the learning process.  Along with staff, students set learning goals and reflect on and monitor progress to reach high levels of mastery.
  • We commit to fostering meaningful personal connections, fostering character development and to providing a positive and safe learning environment to enable students to learn, grow, lead and succeed.