2011 Wisconsin Junior Duck Stamp Contest

Pedersen Elementary students participated once again in the 2011 Wisconsin Junior Duck Stamp Contest. There were 833 entries from 49 Wisconsin schools competing. In their age group, a total of nine students from around the state will get their artwork published in the annual calendar. Out of the nine, our students received four of the awards, and an additional four honorable mentions!

1st Place Winners: Kendrah Beranek and Trevor Kempen
3rd Place Winners: Cade Richard and Gavin Strohkirch
Honorable Mentions: Evan Burgess, Chase Passon, Jessica Alfaro and Emma Seipel

Click to enlarge and view each piece!

Kendrah Beranek, 1st Place
Trevor Kempen, 1st Place
Cade Richard, 3rd Place
Gavin Strohkirch, 3rd Place
Evan Burgess, Honorable Mention
Chase Passon, Honorable Mention
Jessica Alfaro, 3rd Place
Emma Seipel, Honorable Mention

About the Contest