Early Childhood Special Education


In collaboration with Head Start, the school district's early childhood education program is housed in the Altoona Early Education Center located at 701 7th Street West. Contact them directly at 715-832-5543.


Our Mission:
As a team, our purpose is to educate, support, and involve children, their families, and the community in an inclusive program.



The Center provides:

  • a safe and nurturing environment
  • education for children and parents
  • parent support services
  • support for the "whole" child
  • health and nutrition
  • a practicum site for students

Services provided by:

  • general educators and assistants
  • a special education teacher and assistant, parents
  • other employees of the Altoona school district and Head Start
  • community volunteers
  • practicum students

Services provided with Administrative Support:

  • through a caring, committed, educated team
  • using comprehensive tools, policies and practices

Staff and Contact Information:

Early Childhood Program (715-832-5543, 715-552-7292 Fax):
Kathy Roen, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
Tammy Lattimore, Early Childhood Teacher Assistants

Donna Weix, Speech and Language Pathologist
Laura Sarauer, Physical Therapists
Nicole Davis, Occupational Therapist
Shelly Elkin, Audiologist, 720-2056
Anita Schubring, School Nurse, 839-6050 ext 246
Alan McCutcheon, Pupil Services Director, 839-6224

Head Start Program (715-832-5543, 715-552-7292 Fax):
Deborah Davis, Head Start Center Manager
Ann Stelzer, Head Start Teacher
Kathy Haynes, Head Start Teacher Assistant
Shiela Benzschawel, Head Start Cook

Head Start Program Administered through:

Western Dairyland E.O.C. / Head Start
P.O. Box 125
23140 Whitehall Road
Independence WI 54747
715-985-2391 or 800-782-1063