JoAnn Walker, Principal


We are a suburban K-3 and 4 year old kindergarten school located to the east of Eau Claire in the Chippewa Valley.  Altoona Elementary is a multi-unit school that serves approximately 500 students.  

Altoona Elementary is a SAGE school which implements the program largely through dual classrooms containing up to 30 students and two certified teachers.  

Our school community is made up of a dedicated staff, great students and many caring families.  We look forward to getting to know you and your child and having you actively take part in the strong traditions of caring, learning, appreciation of diversity, and commitment to high academic standards that make Pedersen so special. 

Altoona Elementary provides many opportunities for our students and their families.

>SAGE- (Student Achievement Guarantee in Education) provides reduced student-teacher ratio, allowing more one-on-one interaction in grade K-3, rigorous curriculum goals, extended learning opportunities, and staff development

>Extended opportunities with specialists in art, physical education, music and science

>Daily Intervention time to provide extra support to students

>Title 1, Learning Disabilities, Emotional Behavior Disabilities, English Language Learner, as well as Gifted & Talented support.

>Full time Reading Specialist and Guidance Counselor

>Welcome Back to School Day in the fall to facilitate a positive relationship between student, family and the new teacher

>Numerous volunteer options as a classroom helper, mentor, tutor, or literacy buddy

>Books in the Park!! Summer opportunity for students to get a free book and meet with a reading mentor

>Active PTO that funds many important activities and events annually

>Breakfast Program

>Private before and after school daycare located on site

Altoona Elementary is very proud of its numerous accomplishments.

*Consistently scoring at or above state averages on the WKCE standardized test

*Fully integrated, school-wide behavioral model based on the work of Corwin Kronenberg which teaches… students to live responsibly, be respectful, be safe, work hard and belong

*Rigorous curriculum and report cards aligned with Wisconsin State Standards

*School-Based Mentoring program

Philosophy of Altoona Elementary

We believe… that Altoona Elementary should provide the best possible education commensurate with our resources, so that each student will have an equal opportunity to achieve his or her maximum potential as a member of our democratic society.

We believe… that the school should constantly strive to foster in each individual an appreciation of one's responsibilities to the society by providing him or her with the necessary knowledge and skills.

We believe… the school should encourage the development of aesthetic appreciation, critical thinking, self realization, physical fitness and creativity.

Here’s what our students say about us:
“Altoona Elementary is a great school!”
“Altoona Elementary is fun and you learn a lot.”
“I love this school!!”