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 My name is Anita Schubring  RN, BSN, MEPD, NCSN  and I am the School Nurse for the School District of Altoona.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  I am available Monday-Friday, 7:30 am- 3:45pm and can be reached at 715-839-6031 ex 246, or .

The goal of school health services is to promote safety and well-being and remove or reduce barriers to learning.  We know that students who are healthy learn more and students who learn more are healthier!!

 There are links to find information regarding planning for students with health conditions, emergency health information, immunizations, medications, and illness or injury procedures.  Parents/guardians are requested to inform the school of any health problem and/or special health care procedures that needs to be performed at school.  This will assist the school in developing a plan to best help the student meet his/her needs.

If your child will need medications during the school day please fill out a medication consent form. All medications need to come in their original container and be brought in by an adult. Medication and emergency plan forms can be downloaded.

Looking forward to a healthy school year!

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