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Colonial Research - Symbaloo (OEU 3AB)  
Native American Research - Symbaloo (OEU 1C)  
Elements of a Story (Cinderella Interactive) Andrew Clements
Vocabulary Test Andrew Clements' Official Site
Persophone Myth

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Mr. Nussbaum! Biographies for Kids 

  Brain Pop - Famous People
  The Age of Exploration - Explorer Biographies
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USA  Puzzle Puzzled States Game
US States & Capitals Ben's Place the States Game
USA Game Fifty-States Song
Fifty Nifty United States Song Wakko's Fifty State Capitols Song
Regions of the United States 5 themes of geography with Ms. Rucker
5 Themes of Geography! U.S. Regions
Mr. Vesco's Northeast Region Song Southwest Region - Picture Video
Mr. Vesco's West Region Song  
Mr. Vesco's Southeast Region Song  
Mr. Vesco's Midwest Region Song  
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Native Americans 1 Plymouth Plantation WebQuest
Native Americans 2 Interactive Tour of Ellis Island
Who's Lunch is it Anyway?  (Columbian Exchange) PBS Kids  - Ellis Island
Merchants of the Great Exchange Game

Angel Island

On the Trail of Captain John Smith Kidspast
Jamestown Online Adventure  
The First Thanksgiving WebQuest  
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Cool Math Games iMath Page
Math Magician AAA Math
Moby Max 4th Grade Math Games - Mr. Nussbaum
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Dirt Detective You are the Archaeologist
Math Data Game for Kids Circulatory System Webquest
Respiratory System - Label the Parts Lungs Quiz
Make a Shadow Shadow Snapshots