Policy EGAA - District Copyright Policy


It is the intent of the school District of Altoona, its board of education, staff and students to adhere to the provisions of the current copyright laws, and Congressional guidelines. Employees and students are to adhere to all provisions of Title 17 of the United Stated Code, entitled "Copyrights", and other relative federal legislation and guidelines related to the duplication, retention and use of copyrighted materials.


1. Unlawful copies of copyrighted materials may not be produced on district-owned equipment

2. Unlawful copies of copyrighted material may not be used with district-owned equipment, within district-owned facilities, or at district-sponsored functions.

3. The legal and insurance protection of the district will not be extended to employees who intentionally and unlawfully copy and use copyrighted materials.

4. Employees who make copies and/or use copyrighted materials in their jobs are expected to be familiar with published provisions regarding fair use and public display and are further expected to be able to provide their supervisor, upon request, the justification under section 107 or 110 of the USC 17 for copyrighted materials.

5. Employees who use copyrighted materials that do not fall within fair use or public display guidelines will be able to substantiate that the materials meet the following tests:
A. The materials have been purchased from an authorized vendor by the individual or the district and a record of the purchase exists.
B. The materials are copies covered by a licensing agreement between the copyright owner and the district or individual employee, OR:
C. The materials are being previewed or demonstrated by the user to reach a decision about future purchase or licensing and a valid agreement exists that allows for such use.

The principal in each building will act as the copyright officers for the school district. The Library Media Specialist in each building will provide training to assure that all district personnel are advised of current copyright law interpretations so that they can perform their duties within the intent of the law.

Record Keeping

Each school district employee will maintain records of permission to duplicate copyrighted material.

Copies of site licenses, network licenses, and other permission to copy computer software will be maintained by the District Technology Coordinator.

Any recordings made on district equipment will be in compliance with current copyright laws.

Signs, Warning, and Notices

A sign with the following warning will be displayed near all photocopy machines: "The Copyright Law of the United States (PL94-553, Section 108) governs the making of copies of copyrighted materials. The person using this equipment is liable for any infringement."

Signs with the following warning will be posted in computer labs "This equipment may not be used to make unauthorized copies of copyrighted materials."

The following warning will be attached to all equipment designed for making copies of non-print media: "This equipment may not be used to make unauthorized copies of copyrighted materials."

Referenced Acts, Statues, Instructions: U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S. Code, Section 101, et. Seq.)

Initial Adoption: 12/18/89
Final Adoption: 01/11/90
Amended: 08/06/07

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