Policy ILCA - Policy for Reclassification and Monitoring of Limited English Proficient Students


It is the policy of the School District of Altoona to comply with all provisions of The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) to ensure that the rights and needs of all students are being met.

The district will comply with the criteria for reclassification of English Language Learner (ELL) students as fully English proficient and exiting from ELL status when students score a Level 6.0 composite score on the ACCESS for ELLs or when a student meets the following criteria:

  1. the student is in the fourth grade at a minimum;
  2. the student has attained an English language proficiency Level 5 as measured by the ACCESS for ELLs;
  3. two or more additional pieces of evidence of English language proficiency have been evaluated and kept on file; and
  4. parents and teachers agree that the student has reached full English proficiency.

For two years from the date of exiting ELL status, the district will monitor the academic progress of each student to ensure that reclassification was not premature:

  • The ELL Coordinator will monitor grades on a quarterly basis and develop a plan to provide academic support, if needed.
  • An annual review will be documented including gathering classroom performance data from teachers, analyzing grade reports, reviewing state test scores, and getting input from parents.
  • Parents and teachers will participate in the annual review and will be part of the decision should a student need to re-enter as a student with English Language Proficiency status.


Initial Adoption: 06/07/10
Final Adoption: 06/21/10


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