Learning Resources

Effective Habits for Effective Study
Do you have effective study habits? Find out by taking this quiz.

Studying with Flashcards
Using flash cards is a very effective strategy for studying. Learn how to use them by clicking this link.

Index Study System
Here is a method of studying that gives you an accurate perception of how well you know the material, and forces you to think about it, rather than just look over it.

Finding the Right Study Space
It may be that changing where you study will bring better results. What area works best for you for effective studying?

Eating Strategies for Exam time
If you are like most students, exam time eating often sends you into a de-energizing spiral. Getting control of your eating during these stressful times is possible. Read this article for some helpful hints to overcome these nutritional pitfalls.


Darthmouth Notetaking Tips
The following resources provide tips on how to recall more information from your lectures through active listening and purposeful notetaking. Suggestions are provided for how to use your notes regularly to review.

Taking Notes in Classroom Lectures
You can develop your own notetaking system and study strategies with the five "R's" of note-taking.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy is filled with over 3,000 videos on different subjects including math, science, finance, art history and much, much more. You will find pages and pages of video examples of numerous algebra concepts.

Purplemath's algebra lessons are written with the student in mind. These lessons emphasize the practicalities rather than the technicalities, demonstrating dependable techniques, warning of likely "trick" questions, and pointing out common mistakes.

How to Solve Word Problems
Do you struggle with word problems? You are not alone! Check out this link and learn the parts of solving word problems, plus some practice with math expressions.

AAA Math
AAA Math provides explanations for numerous math concepts. Topics can be chosen by grade level or type of math, such as algebra, measurement, estimating, fractions, etc. There is also the option of viewing a Spanish version of this site.

Skillwise Math

This site allows you to pick a topic (i.e. calculations, place value, operations, charts/graphs etc). You can take multiple choice quizzes (where correct answers are given when you are finished) or play games to reinforce the concepts.

Catchup Math
Catchup Math includes engaging and effective flash cards that include specific ho-to explanations with graphics and animations in both English and Spanish.

Index of Learning Styles
Click on the above link to take a quiz and find out more about your learning style.

Learning Styles and Strategies
Active or reflective? Visual or verbal? Find out what type of learner you are and what strategies are best for your learning style.