Hello, my name is Mark Scheppke. I am the Technology Coordinator for the School District of Altoona.  I have had the privilege of being part of Altoona Schools for 23 years and have enjoyed working with teachers and students to bring technology tools to the learning envoirnoment. 

I believe that technology is having a very positive affect on student learning and achievement.  We our now at a moment in time where technology tools are ubiquitous and access to learning tools and software on the Internet are available to all students.  Teachers have the opportunity to use these tools to transform learning into a dynamic multi-sensory interactive means of learning.  With our one-to-one Chromebook program, students can take charge of what and when they learn.  Teachers are leading the way by applying methods and techniques that take advantage of the technology tools that are provided to enhace the learning environment. Just handing a child a Chromebook will not bring forward higher achievement, teachers are learning how to teach using technology.  I am thrilled to work in the School District of Altoona with motivated teachers who are embracing technology and applying teaching techniques using technology that enhance learning.