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Fab Lab Open House, Fall 2018

Students Working in Fab Lab 2018/19

Fab Lab Equipment

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Timm Boettcher, President and CEO of Realityworks, Inc. wrote an article, "From a Maker Fair to a Fab Lab: How a Western Wisconsin school district is helping students develop in-demand skills," about our Career and Technical Education (CTE) program that was published on the Association for Career and Technical Education's "IndustryConnect" blog on September 10, 2019.

The article does a great job laying out our journey - from the starting place, a modular approach where students simply learned tasks, to now providing hands-on real-world experiences that are transferable to business and industry.

Stay tuned next month, when this article continues with a review of the industry partnerships that are helping to ensure program relevancy and reactions from Altoona students, whose CTE experiences are growing.  

Etched glasses

Our Fab Lab partnered with the Chippewa Valley Wildlife Rehabilitation to laser engrave these glasses for their annual benefit supporting wildlife rehab!

This is an example of a Railroader Industries project.