Altoona Food Service Program

Food and Nutrition Services are provided by Taher Food Service Management Company

Polly Dake-Jones, Food Service Director
School District of Altoona
1903 Barlett Ave 
Altoona WI 54701
Phone: 715-839-6056

Railroaders Return-to-School - Student Meals

  • School meals are FREE for the remainder of the 2020/21 school year!
  • Students may bring a lunch from home or participate in the school lunch program.
  • Students will receive an individual packaged lunch, versus the traditional service line.
  • Students may remove their masks for lunch, but they will be spaced out to be 6-feet apart.
  • When possible, students will be taken for a handwashing break before eating. When hand-washing isn’t an option, students will be prompted by the supervisor to use hand sanitizer.
  • The supervisor will instruct students not to share food.
  • Starting on 10/20/20, free Meal Distribution is on Tuesday's and Thursday's at the main entrance of the Altoona Middle School, 1903 Bartlett Avenue, 4:30-6:00 pm. 
    • 100% Virtual Students can pick-up 7 days worth of meals each week
    • 6-12 On-Campus/Hybrid Students can pick-up 5 days worth of meals each week
    • K-5 On-Campus Students can pick-up 3 days worth of meals each week
    • Weekend meals are distributed on Thursday's
    • These FREE Meals will continue through June 2021! They are available to anyone age 18 and under.
    • Download Flyer
  • Families who might qualify for free or reduced lunch should still complete and return the application form linked above on the left side. Families that qualify for free or reduced meals are eligible for FREE snack break milk, grades K-5. Even though all meals are free this year, the funding for other district programs is based on free/reduced percentages.
  • For questions about school lunch, please contact Polly Dake Jones, 715-839-6056, or email

Specific safety procedures are in place for all food service staff and food preparation.