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Altoona is growing!

While this growth is exciting, it also means the school district must plan for current and future increases in student enrollment throughout our schools. The City of Altoona's Development Plan shows several new and upcoming residential developments that have created growth in our community, while also increasing our student enrollment. This trend is expected to continue into the future.

Altoona Housing Unit Data
Student Enrollment Data

Proposed Solution

On Tuesday, April 4, 2023, residents of the School District of Altoona will vote on a capital referendum question. If approved, it will allow the district to purchase and renovate the NBI building, while also making improvements to our middle school and high school. 

This opportunity came up unexpectedly and created a different approach for creating additional square footage for the middle school and high school. And, this approach would cost less than building a new school. The NBI building is located at 1218 McCann Drive. 

altoona nbi building map

Proposed New Grade Configuration 

Creating a new school with an NBI purchase and renovation will create at least 21,000 additional square feet to expand our middle school and high school, as fourth and fifth graders will be moved off the main campus. To that end, it will help address our schools’ most urgent space needs while maximizing value for our taxpayers.

altoona configurations

Property Tax Impact

An approved $26,000,000 referendum would result in a projected $0.69 increase in the school district's portion of the tax bill for every $1,000 of fair market value.

Property Tax Impacts

Ballot Language

The below ballot language will appear on the ballot for residents of the School District of Altoona. 

Ballot wording


From now through April 4th, the school district will continue to communicate information to residents to help them make an informed decision at the polls on April 4, 2023.  This communication will include in-home mailers, podcasts, newsletter articles, social media posts, and in-person presentations. 

Please visit our Facebook page each Friday to view our latest post and video. 

Please watch your mailbox for our first home mailer, scheduled to arrive by March 1st. 

Informational Videos

Weekly, the district will publish short videos explaining various aspects of the referendum. Check back here every Friday morning (or visit our Facebook page) to view the latest video.

February 17, 2023: Student Enrollment Growth: Will it Continue? (3 mins, 20 sec) 

February 24, 2023:  The Facilities Study and the solutions that were considered... (6 mins) 

March 3, 2023:  Unexpected Option to Purchase NBI (3 mins, 41 sec) 

March 6, 2023:  In-Person Referendum Information Sessions Details

March 10, 2023: School Funding and the Referendum Impact (4 mins, 13 sec) 

March 17, 2023: Ballot Language and Finding Your Polling Place (2 mins, 35 sec) 

March 23 2023:  In-Person Referendum Information Video (25 mins) 

March 24, 2023: Middle and High School Long Term Plan (4 mins, 32 sec)

Save the Date Info Meetings
Q & A

Have a question that wasn't answered?  Submit your question to referendum@altoona.k12.wi.us.