Cloverbelt Math Challenge

AHS Cloverbelt Math Team

This week, the AHS math team competed in the Cloverbelt Math Challenge. The JV team of Jack Ives, Carson Schilling, Mason Day, Morgan Dekan, Anna Fedie, Ty Rondestvedt, Blend Sabani, and Cody Riechers, finished third - and individually, Jack Ives took 5th place and Carson Schilling finished 8th.

The Varsity team of Trevor Kempen, Riley Parks, Sydney Presler, Morgan Parks, Tanner Thompson, Carter Bontje, Ryan Chmelik, and Jaxon Allsage finished in second place - and individually,Trevor Kempen finished in 2nd place, Riley Parks in 5th place, Sydney Presler in 8th place and Morgan Parks in 10th place.