District Staff

Photo of Elys Bohl

Elys Bohl

District Bookkeeper/Accounts Payable Specialist

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Photo of Lisa Boss

Lisa Boss

Executive Assistant

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Andrew Caudill

Activities/Athletics Director

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Photo of Amy Dahms

Amy Dahms

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

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Photo of Dr. Heidi Eliopoulos

Dr. Heidi Eliopoulos


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Photo of Kimberly Frazier

Kimberly Frazier

Administrative Assistant

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Jennifer Kane

Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefits Coordinator

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Photo of Missy Lesik

Missy Lesik

Director of Student Services & Special Education

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Photo of Andrew Lierman

Andrew Lierman

IT Systems Administrator

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Photo of Dr. Brian Misfeldt

Dr. Brian Misfeldt

Director of Finance and Operations

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Photo of Emilee Perkins

Emilee Perkins

District Registrar/Administrative Assistant

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Photo of Sarah Radcliffe

Sarah Radcliffe

Director of Future-Ready Learning

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Photo of Jevin Stangel

Jevin Stangel

IT Technician

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