Policy DFAA - Revenues from Investments


The Board considers an investment program to be a critical ingredient of sound fiscal management. Therefore, the Board authorizes an investment program for the purpose of securing revenues for the support of the district’s educational programs. All transactions involving the District’s funds (except employee benefit trust funds) and related activity of any funds shall be administered in accordance with the provisions of this policy.

School Board Investment Administration

The Board authorizes the district’s investment program to be administered in a way that will ensure:

  1. Continuous investment of all monies available for investment purposes.
  2. Compliance with the law in all investments.

Primary Objectives

  1. Safety - Safety of principal is the foremost objective of the investment program. Investments shall be undertaken in a manner that seeks to ensure the preservation of capital in the overall portfolio.
  2. Liquidity – The District’s investment portfolio shall be structured in such a manner as to provide sufficient liquidity to meet all operating requirements/obligations that might be reasonably anticipated.
  3. Return on Investment/Yield – The District’s investment portfolio shall be designed with the objective of attaining a market rate of return throughout budgetary and economic cycles, commensurate with the District’s investment risk constraints, the cash flow characteristics of the portfolio, and legal restrictions for return on investments.

The Board authorizes the business manager or designee to direct all activities associated with the investment program in such a manner as to accomplish the objectives of this policy. The business manager or designee shall be further authorized to execute, in the Board’s name, any or all documents relating to the investment program in a timely manner and to confer with reputable consultants regarding investment decisions when necessary.

LEGAL REF: Sections 34.05 Wisconsin Statutes


Initial Adoption: 11/7/83
Final Adoption: 12/5/83
Amended: 06/07/10

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