Policy DFB - Leasing of School Sites


District sites, buildings and equipment currently not being used for school purposes but which may be needed for future school use could be considered for leasing.

Prior to the lease of any site, building, or equipment, the district's anticipated need shall be substantiated. The district administrator shall provide to the school board an administrative recommendation on the district's need as well as the form and length of proposed lease agreements for each site, building or equipment. Each lease shall include a provision to permit the school district to terminate leases on appropriate notice, if it becomes apparent than the leased premises are needed for school purposes.

Lease agreements may be made by the district for time periods not to exceed 15 years. Any income received by the district for the leased property must be used for school purposes. Lease agreements and subsequent renewals of such agreements shall be reviewed by the school district legal counsel prior to formal board action. All such agreements must be approved at an annual or specific school district meeting.

LEGAL REFERENCE: 120.13 (25) Wisc. Statutes

Initial Adoption: 10/03/83
Final Adoption: 11/07/83
Amended: 07/05/05

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