Policy GCN - Evaluation of Professional Staff


Performance Evaluation

The board of education understands the importance of performance evaluations of district employees. Therefore, the board, through the superintendent, shall establish and implement an ongoing and consistent evaluation process for employees of the district. Formal evaluation conferences are a culmination of overall performance during a specific period. The formal evaluations will be in writing and the results shared and discussed with the employee by the supervisor to whom the employee is responsible.

The superintendent or designee has the responsibility to develop, organize, and implement a system-wide program for evaluating the instructional process. Evaluation must be done to serve four purposes:

  1. To raise the quality of instruction and/or educational services to the children of our community;
  2. To promote the professional growth of employees; and
  3. To identify professional strengths and weaknesses with the intent of improving performance.
  4. To support the community’s expectation that teacher performance is evaluated, monitored and improved.

Each professional staff member shall have two formal evaluations during each of his/her first two years of employment. Thereafter, a formal evaluation will be conducted at least once every three years to be in compliance with state law.

Each school district board shall establish specific criteria and a systematic procedure to measure the performance of licensed school personnel. The written evaluation shall be based on the Wisconsin Teacher Standards, job-related activities, and shall include observation of the individual’s performance as a part of the evaluation data. The school district board shall ensure that evaluations, including those for purposes of discipline, job retention, or promotion shall be performed by persons who have the training, knowledge and skills necessary to evaluate professional school personnel.

Legal References: Sections 118.38, 121.01(1)(q) Wisconsin Statutes

PI 8.01(2)(q) Wisconsin Administrative Code

Initial Adoption: 04/02/84
Final Adoption: 05/07/84
Amended: 11/08/10

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