Policy IKE - Retention of Students


The Altoona school district uses a comprehensive evaluation process to obtain information on student progress including standardized tests, criterion-referenced tests, informal teacher testing and observation, individual diagnostic testing, work samples, past academic performance and student self-reporting. As a result, no single measure or method of assessment of competence should be used as the sole criterion for graduation or promotion of a student. The Altoona school district will seek to accommodate students with exceptional educational interests, needs, or requirements.

Grades K-8:

In general, children shall be placed at the grade level to which they are best adjusted academically, socially, and emotionally. The educational program shall provided for the continuous progress of children from grade to grade with children spending one year in each grade. A small number of children, however, may benefit from staying another year in the same grade. Such retention may be considered when:

The child is achieving significantly below ability and grade level.

Retention would not cause an undue social and emotional adjustment.

A recommendation for retention must be based on information that indicates that an additional year of instruction at the same grade level will benefit the student.

The Board authorized the administrator to adopt a procedure for implementation with Board approval.

High School:

High school students shall have successfully completed the following number of credits for placement at the grade level given:

Sophomore: 5.5 credits

Junior: 11 credits

Senior: 16 credits


Initial Adoption: unknown

Final Adoption: 04/02/84

Amended: 07/18/05


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