Policy JFCJ - Possession or Use of Weapons


No one shall possess, use, or store a weapon or look-alike weapon in or on school property, in school vehicles, or at school-related activities. A dangerous weapon or look-alike weapon is defined in state statutes and may include any object which, by the manner in which it is used or intended to be used, is capable of inflicting harm or could pretend to be capable of inflicting bodily harm or endangering the health and safety of students or staff. Weapons are defined below as Category I: Zero Tolerance Weapons or Category II: Qualified Zero Tolerance Weapons.

Category I: Zero Tolerance Weapons
A weapon is any object that by its design and/or use can cause bodily injury or property damage. This includes, but is not limited to guns, including BB and pellet firing guns, knives, switchblade or automatically opening blades, razors, karate sticks, nunchaku, metal knuckles, chains and similar items. A weapon is also defined as any facsimile firearm such as a toy, starter pistol or other object that can be perceived as an actual firearm. Ammunition and explosives are included within the weapons category.

Category I weapons or look-alike weapons confiscated from a student shall be reported to parents/guardians and to law enforcement authorities, and disciplinary measures shall include immediate suspension and referral to the Board for expulsion from school. Law enforcement officers will be summoned to the schools in a situation involving a weapon which presents an immediate threat to safety. If the situation does not allow an opportunity to contact law enforcement officials immediately, school staff and administration will attempt to diffuse and control the situation until law enforcement officials can be summoned.

Category II: Qualified Zero Tolerance Weapons
The district may take a position of a qualified “zero tolerance” on the following objects: small pocket knife (under 3.5 inches), nuisance items and toys capable of causing significant disruption, and unauthorized tools.

Category II weapons confiscated from a student will be reported to the parent/ guardian and may result in a suspension or expulsion referral. Factors to be considered include the intent of the student in possession of the Category II weapon; the prior record of the student; and the goal of ensuring the safety of all individuals in the school environment.

Administrative Discretion Regarding Possession of Weapons
An individual who finds a weapon on the way to school, on school property, or in the school building and takes the weapon immediately to the principal’s office shall not be considered in possession of a weapon pending a complete investigation to verify the circumstances.

Policy exceptions include:

1. Weapons under the control of law enforcement personnel;
2. Weapons possessed by an individual in accordance with a contract entered into between the school and the individual;
3. Theatrical props used in appropriate settings;
4. Starter pistols used in appropriate sporting events;
5. The building principal may allow weapons in the building for purposes of demonstration or educational presentations. This approval must be in writing and granted prior to the weapon being brought to the school. The weapon shall be maintained in the possession of school personnel except during the actual demonstration or presentation.
6. Weapons possessed on school premises by community members if the weapon is not loaded and is encased; or while traversing school grounds for the purpose of gaining access to public or private lands open to hunting.

Employees violating this policy shall be disciplined in accordance with employee policies and bargaining agreements and shall be referred to law enforcement officials for prosecution. Any other person violating this policy shall be referred to law enforcement officials for prosecution.

Legal Ref: Wisc. Statutes 48.01, 120.13 (1), 939.22(10), 948.60, 948.605, 948.61

Cross Ref: EBC, EBC-R


Initial Adoption: 10/16/95
Final Adoption: 11/06/95
Amended: 08/11/97

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