Policy JFCK - Student Use of Electronic Devices


Students may not use any electronic device in school buildings, on school grounds or in school vehicles during school hours/instructional time, except as authorized by the building principal.

Violations of this policy may result in search of the device and electronic data, confiscation of the device(s), and disciplinary action, including possible suspension.

This policy will be published in student handbooks and distributed annually.

LEGAL RE.: Sections 118.158 Wisconsin Statutes 120.13

CROSS REF: JFC, Student Conduct
JFCH/JFCI, Student Alcohol and/or Controlled Substances Abuse
JG, Student Discipline
JGD, Student Suspensions and Expulsions
JGE, Discipline, Suspension and Expulsion of Students with Disabilities

Initial Adoption: 06/18/90
Final Adoption: 06/26/90
Amended: 06/07/10

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