Rule KBG-R - Public Records Notice


The School District Administrator's office is responsible, upon request, to either fill a request for records, or notify the requestor of the determination to deny the request and the reasons therefore. The District Administrator shall act as legal custodian for the School Board and for any committees, commissions, boards or other authorities created by ordinance or resolution of the School Board.

Records exempt from disclosure are:

  1. Pupil records
  2. Circulation records of the library
  3. Some minutes of school board closed session meetings

Local public officials will be given the opportunity to augment any record that is to be released which contains personally identifiable information about them. Employees have the right to seek judicial review before certain information is released.

Local public office positions include the District Administrator, Business Manager, Pupil Services/Curriculum Director, School Principals, and members of the School Board.

Dates and Places at Which Public Records May Be Obtained

The public may obtain information and access to records by making requests either in writing or in person to the District Administrator, 1903 Bartlett Avenue, during regular office hours. Regular office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, holidays excluded.

If the District Administrator is not present, information and access to records may be obtained from the Administrative/ Board Secretary, who is authorized to act as legal custodian in the District's Administrator's absence.


A fee will be imposed upon the requester for the actual, necessary and direct cost of:

  1. Reproducing and transcription of the record, including any required costs to notify the person who is the subject of the record that is being requested;
  2. Photographing and photographic processing if a photograph of the record in provided, the form of which does not permit copying;
  3. Mailing or shipping of any record or photograph to the requester; and
  4. Locating a record if the actual, necessary and direct cost of locating the record exceeds $50.00.

Fees for photocopying shall be10¢ per page. Prepayment may be required for requests if the total exceeds $5.00.

If the anticipated cost for items 1-3 exceed $25.00, the requester shall be notified of the estimated cost of complying with the request before the costs are incurred.

If the anticipated cost of locating a record exceeds $50.00, the requester shall be notified of the estimated cost of complying with the request before the costs are incurred.

This procedure shall be displayed in the District Office so that members of the public are aware of what procedures to follow.

Cross Ref: IIBCA

Wisc. Statutes: 19.35 (3),19.35 (4),118.125 (2),19.36 (6),19.85 (1), 19.34 (1),19.34 (2)(a)

Approved: 07/19/04

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