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Family Access Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who benefits from Family Access?  Everyone. strengthening home/school communication
is mutually beneficial and is the primary goal of Family Access.

2. What information is viewable via Family Access?  Attendance, emergency contact, and
demographic information is currently available for all students in the district. Another piece
of information that is available is your family’s food service balance. Class schedules and
grades are also available for middle and high school students. Family Access has a feature
called "Message Center" that allows parents/guardians to directly communicate with their
children's teachers. These may be messages sent to the entire class or a message sent
privately to just a single guardian. It allows teachers and administrators to post information
to inform parents about their child, school, and upcoming classroom events.

3. Who can view my child’s information?  Family Access allows only the parent/guardian that
has requested the username and password to view their child’s information. The
parent/guardian should keep their username and password in a secure place so that it would
not be available to other people. The Login History menu informs the user when logins to this
account have occurred.

4. How secure is Family Access?  The district’s student management system is very secure. The
site is SSL encrypted. It is comparable to the level of security that most online banks use.

5. Are all parents/guardians assigned a Family Access username and password?  No, only
parents/guardians that have registered for this service can view their children’s
information. If a non-custodial parent/guardian is currently eligible to receive report cards
and forms, they would have to register for an account.  Since this is Family Access, only one
account per guardian is required to view all the children in the family.

6. Will parents/guardians be able to change information such as an address via Family
Access? No, parents/guardians will have “read only” access. This means that information
can be viewed only. Notifying your child’s school with new information is necessary to
make changes.

7. Must I register for Family Access each school year?  No, Family Access will become part of the
District’s annual school registration packet. Once you have registered for a Family Access
account use will be able to use that account to view your child’s school information for as long
as your child is enrolled in the district.

8. Who do I contact if I need to change any Family Access information such as address, telephone
number or emergency contact information?  Contact your child’s school office. Altoona
Elementary School 715-839-6050, Altoona Intermediate/Middle School 715-839-6030, Altoona
High School 715-839-6031.

9. Who do I contact to get a Family Access account, have additional Family Access related questions
or to change my Family Access password?  Please contact Emilee Perkins.