Safe Routes to School Plan

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is an international movement that promotes walking and biking to school. Federal SRTS funds can be used for projects within two miles of an elementary or middle school (K-8). In 2016, the Altoona School District and City of Altoona were awarded a SRTS planning grant to develop this plan update.

The SRTS program has its roots in both health and transportation safety. The major program goals are to make the school trip safe for walking and biking and to encourage children to walk and bike to and from school. SRTS strives to reduce congestion around schools, improve the health of school-aged children through increased physical activity, reduce vehicle emissions and fuel consumption, increase community security, enhance community accessibility, increase community involvement, and improve partnerships among schools, local municipalities, parents, and other community groups.

The Altoona SRTS Task Force consists of representatives from the Altoona School District and City of Altoona. The Task Force worked together to identify issues and opportunities in the City, and developed strategies to make walking and biking to and from school safer for students. Our Safe Routes To School Routes maps are shown below.

Update, January 3, 2020
Altoona, WI 

More than a dozen new STOP signs have been installed basket-weave style at uncontrolled intersections between Bartlett and Spooner Avenues adjacent to our 4-12 campus.

Intersection safety was identified by parents as one of the top three factors in deciding whether or not they would allow their child to walk or bike to school, and that's why our Safe Routes to School task force recommended this project as a priority!

WQOW - More than a dozen stop signs installed at uncontrolled intersections in Altoona

Click to View pdf of the Safe Routes to School diagram for Altoona Elementary School

Click to View pdf of the Safe Routes to School diagram for Altoona Intermediate & Middle School