AES Playground 

Recess is a favorite time of the day for many students. It's a time to burn off energy and to have fun! Recess is a time to take a break from academics and to foucs on building social skills, being active, growing emotionally, and being healthy. Recess encourages students to play and have fun outside of the classroom. 

General Playground Information

Our first recess is from 7:20 - 7:40 a.m. There is no supervision before 7:20 a.m.

Our students are outside whenever possible except when it is raining and when it is zero degrees or colder. We do take into consideration the wind temperature, wind speed and the amount of time students are outside. Please be sure your child is dressed for the weather.

  • Fall/Spring - Be prepared and pack a light jacket, sweatshirt or coat in your child's backpack.
  • Winter - Please see that your child has a hat, gloves, extra gloves in case they get wet, coat, boots, and snowpants. If your child DOES NOT have boots and snowpants they will remain on the blacktop area and not be allowed to play in the snow. 

Playground Injuries
If your child gets hurt during recess, our playground staff are trained in CPR and First Aid. Our school nurse is also available at times to assist if needed.