High School Staff

Photo of Katelyn Adams

Katelyn Adams

Special Education Teacher

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Photo of Charles Adrian

Charles Adrian


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Photo of Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie Anderson

Speech Language Pathologist

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Thomas Bain


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Shawnee Baker

Special Education Paraprofessional

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Photo of Jeffery Ballentine

Jeffery Ballentine

Technology Education Teacher

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Photo of Rebecca Bauer

Rebecca Bauer

AHS Principal

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Photo of Jenna Baxter

Jenna Baxter

Spanish Teacher

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Photo of Ronald Boss

Ronald Boss


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Photo of Betsy Brenizer

Betsy Brenizer

Special Education Paraprofessional

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Photo of Kathy Brock

Kathy Brock


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Photo of Paulette Brown

Paulette Brown

Food Service Assistant

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Max Brunner

Technology Education Teacher

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Cherie Bundrant

Food Service Supervisor

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Photo of Heather Burich Holle

Heather Burich Holle

School Counselor

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Amanda Burkart

JAG Teacher

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Photo of Gary Buske

Gary Buske

Math Teacher

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Lauren Buss

Band Teacher

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Photo of Melissa Buss

Melissa Buss

Administrative Assistant

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Melissa Calkins

Science Teacher

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Photo of Jennifer Carey

Jennifer Carey

School Social Worker

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Photo of Carrie Carlson

Carrie Carlson

Social Studies Teacher

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Andrew Caudill

Activities/Athletics Director

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Photo of Tim Chmelik

Tim Chmelik

Director of Maintenance

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Photo of Christine Coley

Christine Coley

Science Teacher

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Photo of Cody Curry

Cody Curry

Alternative Education Teacher

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Kyle Dachel

School Counselor

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Photo of Kiah Druckrey-Sexton

Kiah Druckrey-Sexton

English Teacher

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Photo of Erica Emerson

Erica Emerson

Health Teacher

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Photo of Brittany Engel

Brittany Engel

School Nurse

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Photo of Jill Garrison

Jill Garrison

Special Education Paraprofessional

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Photo of Tessa Ginder

Tessa Ginder

Administrative Assistant

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Photo of Erin Gunderson

Erin Gunderson

Health Teacher

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Photo of Carla Haley

Carla Haley

Art Teacher

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Photo of Rachel Haling

Rachel Haling

Science Teacher

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Photo of Chad Hanson

Chad Hanson

AHS Assistant Principal

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Photo of Gretchen Hanson

Gretchen Hanson

Special Education Teacher

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Elijah Hyde

Social Studies Teacher

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Photo of James Jahr

James Jahr

Business Education Teacher

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Emily Janzig

Math Teacher

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Photo of Lindsey Jentzsch

Lindsey Jentzsch

Virtual Learning Coordinator

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Photo of Jay Johnson

Jay Johnson


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Photo of Elizabeth Kaetterhenry

Elizabeth Kaetterhenry

LMC Director

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Photo of Ann Kleinhans

Ann Kleinhans

English Teacher

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Photo of Spencer Kurtenbach

Spencer Kurtenbach

Math Teacher

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Photo of Todd Lenz

Todd Lenz

Science Teacher

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Photo of Erin Lynnes

Erin Lynnes

Social Studies Teacher

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Photo of Brady Martin

Brady Martin

Physical Education Teacher

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Photo of Allison Meier

Allison Meier

English Teacher

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Photo of Matthew Mercer

Matthew Mercer


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Photo of Abby Miller

Abby Miller

Food Service

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Photo of Amanda Mussehl

Amanda Mussehl

Special Education Teacher

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Photo of Joshua Naples

Joshua Naples

Social Studies Teacher

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Jose Nunez


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Photo of Jared Plaza

Jared Plaza

Math Teacher

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Photo of Jocelyn Prohovnik

Jocelyn Prohovnik

Administrative Assistant

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Photo of Amy Quaschnick

Amy Quaschnick

School Psychologist

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Photo of Lindsey Redetzke

Lindsey Redetzke

Special Education Paraprofessional

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Photo of Krystle Ricci

Krystle Ricci

Physical Education Teacher

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Photo of Jessica Richards

Jessica Richards

Future Ready Coach

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Photo of Andrew Riechers

Andrew Riechers

Math Teacher

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Photo of Jennifer Robertson

Jennifer Robertson

Alternative Education Teacher

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Photo of Cassie Ruf

Cassie Ruf

Special Education Teacher

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Photo of Emily Sibilski

Emily Sibilski

English Teacher

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Ezra Sobtzak

Technology Education Teacher

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Heidi Solin

Administrative Assistant

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Photo of Mark Spratte

Mark Spratte

Special Education Teacher

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Allyson Techmeier

ELL Teacher

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Photo of Amy Thiede

Amy Thiede

LMC Paraprofessional

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Kiersten Vetsch

Business Education Teacher

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Lauren Wargin

Choir Teacher

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Photo of Kimberly Youngberg

Kimberly Youngberg

Art Teacher

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