Policy KGB - Public Conduct While on School Premises or at School Events


Parents are the greatest role models for a young person. The Altoona school district seeks parental assistance to help develop outstanding young men and women who possess the self-discipline and motivation to make a difference in the world. The administration, faculty, staff, and coaches ask that parents be supportive of the programs and personnel at Altoona school district and demonstrate that support by respecting the decisions and efforts of the coaches/advisors who work with the young people of Altoona. Parental assistance is also requested in enforcing the activities code so that a fair and healthy environment will exist for all students.

At any extra/cocurricular event either at Altoona or any other site, those in attendance are expected to display sportsmanlike behavior. An individual or group who willfully interferes with or interrupts the proper order or management of a school sponsored extra/cocurricular event (by an act of violence, boisterous conduct, obscene or abusive language, or unsportsmanlike conduct toward coaches, players, or officials, or disobeys board policies or administrative rules) may be warned and/or removed from the event. In addition, the individual or group may be prohibited from further attendance for a period of up to six weeks. No refunds of admission charges will be paid.


Cross Ref: IGDK, IGDK-R

Initial Adoption: 10/03/94
Final Adoption: 10/17/94

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