Middle School Staff

Photo of Gail Abernathy

Gail Abernathy

Special Education Aide

Photo of Josephine Adrian

Josephine Adrian

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Ron Boss

Ron Boss


Photo of Stacey Brehm

Stacey Brehm

Math Teacher

Photo of Tom Burgraff

Tom Burgraff

Art Teacher

Photo of Heather Burich-Holle

Heather Burich-Holle

Guidance Counselor

Photo of Steve Buss

Steve Buss

AMS Principal

Photo of Colleen Chmelik

Colleen Chmelik

Math Teacher

Photo of Tim Chmelik

Tim Chmelik

Supervisor - Maintenance & Custodial

Photo of Heidi Colbert

Heidi Colbert

Science Teacher

Photo of Polly Dake-Jones

Polly Dake-Jones

Food Service Director

Photo of Greg Emerson

Greg Emerson

Physical Education Teacher

Photo of Brittany Engel

Brittany Engel

School Nurse

Photo of Melanie Engen

Melanie Engen

Spanish Teacher

Photo of Kim Erickson

Kim Erickson

English Teacher

Photo of Jim Fahrman

Jim Fahrman

AMS Reading Interventionist

Photo of Phil Graser

Phil Graser

Math Teacher

Photo of Adela Guerrero

Adela Guerrero

4-12 EL Teacher

Photo of Erin Gunderson

Erin Gunderson

Health Teacher

Photo of Carla Haley

Carla Haley

Art Teacher

Photo of Rebecca Hoage

Rebecca Hoage

Math Interventionist

Photo of Jay Johnson

Jay Johnson


Jeff Johnson


Karen Johnson

Special Education Aide

Photo of Elizabeth Kaetterhenry

Elizabeth Kaetterhenry

LMC Director

Photo of Matthew Kruszka

Matthew Kruszka

Band Teacher

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Photo of Michael Laporte

Michael Laporte

History Teacher

Photo of Veronica Lebeis

Veronica Lebeis


Photo of Kristine Lenberg

Kristine Lenberg

Special Education Aide

Photo of Melissa "Missy" Lesik

Melissa "Missy" Lesik

Director of Student Services & Special Education

Photo of Lauren Lierman

Lauren Lierman

Music Teacher

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Photo of Judy Lund

Judy Lund


Ben Magnus

AMS Special Education Teacher

Amanda Marquardt

AMS Special Education Teacher

Photo of Teresa Marquardt

Teresa Marquardt

AMS Business Ed

Photo of Abby Miller

Abby Miller

Food Service

Photo of Cammy Mompier

Cammy Mompier

AIS/AMS Spanish Teacher

Photo of Becky Navarre

Becky Navarre

Science Teacher

Photo of Jennifer Nelson

Jennifer Nelson

Instructional Coach (Literacy)

Photo of Sharon Nerbonne

Sharon Nerbonne

AMS/AIS Paraprofessional

Photo of Alexandra Opse

Alexandra Opse

Math Teacher

Photo of Michelle Parks

Michelle Parks

Instructional Coach (Math & Science)

Photo of Kimberly Pearson

Kimberly Pearson

Student Services Administrative Assistant

Photo of Jill Phippen

Jill Phippen

English Teacher

Photo of Sarah Pszeniczny

Sarah Pszeniczny

Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Amy Quaschnick

Amy Quaschnick

School Psychologist

Cammy Rathsack

AMS Spanish Teacher

Photo of Jessica Richards

Jessica Richards

District Technology Integrator

Photo of Jared Rico
Photo of Mindy Riechers

Mindy Riechers

Speech Language Pathologist

Photo of Kyle Rundquist

Kyle Rundquist

Dean of Students

Sarah Spaulding

8th Grade English

Photo of Sarah Steinke

Sarah Steinke

Technology Teacher

Photo of William "Bill" Steinke

William "Bill" Steinke

Advanced Technology Teacher

Nicole Steinmetz

AMS Paraprofessional

Photo of Kelly Steward

Kelly Steward

LMC Aide

Photo of Jason Stuttgen

Jason Stuttgen

Math Teacher

Karen Stuttgen

Math Teacher

Photo of Deb Thill

Deb Thill

Special Education Aide

Photo of Justin Todd

Justin Todd

Science Teacher

Tyler Urness

7th Grade ELA

Addison Van Ess

7th Grade Math

Photo of Tammy VanBlarcom

Tammy VanBlarcom

English Teacher

Travis Von Haden

PhyEd Teacher

Photo of Lori Watt

Lori Watt

Administrative Assistant